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What is Sal & Pimenta?

Sal & Pimenta translates to salt & pepper in English. However in this case, Sal & Pimenta is a Children’s Clothing Company, and it was named after the owner’s dogs names.


Where does Sal & Pimenta ship from?

Sal & Pimenta is a Portuguese company and therefore we ship from and manufacture every product in Portugal.


Does Sal & Pimenta ship worldwide?



How long does Sal & Pimenta take to ship?

Sal & Pimenta strives to fulfill and dispatch orders within 2 business days after an order is placed. However, during sale season this period may increase. After dispatching your order, all Sal & Pimenta’s carriers have an express service of 1-3 days business days. Sal & Pimenta works with Fedex, UPS and DHL depending on your location.


Does Sal & Pimenta include import duties and import taxes in my order?

When applied, import duties and import taxes are generally paid by the customer when checking-out of your purchase and the carrier will therefore deliver the goods swiftly to your shipping location. However, your purchase may be randomly selected by the Customs and Border Patrol agent and he or she may therefore inquire about the items purchased. If this is the case, it is important to answer them as quickly as possible to minimize the shipping delay. In any case, Sal & Pimenta’s customer support, which may be reached at [email protected] is here to help you resolve these setbacks as quickly as possible.


What payment methods are accepted by Sal & Pimenta?

Sal & Pimenta accepts all major credit and debit cards, Paypal, Amazon Pay, Apple Pay and it also has a Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL) solution for certain markets such as the US.


How do exchanges or returns work at Sal & Pimenta?

Sal & Pimenta accepts exchanges and/or returns under the conditions explained on our website section about returns and refunds: DO NOT return an item before contacting our customer support at [email protected].


How do Sal & Pimenta swimsuits run?

Being Sal & Pimenta a European company, it finds that their swimsuits run true-to-size (TTS). However, most US customers prefer to go up 1 or 2 sizes because they find them small.


How do the rest of Sal & Pimenta items run?

Sal & Pimenta finds that all the other items run TTS as Sal & Pimenta considers that the maximum elegance of each item is attained when the items are fitted on children rather than a loose appearance. If your child is of a larger stature for his age, we recommend you go 1 size up. If your child is in between sizes: we recommend going 1 size up as well. Additionally, many of our garments have a size chart.


Does Sal & Pimenta have a physical store?

No. Sal & Pimenta is an online Children Clothing Company. However, Sal & Pimenta does sell to retailers all around the world (it is our primary business).


May I edit my order after checking out and purchasing it?

No. We recommend you get in touch with our customer support ([email protected]) immediately and see your options. We are unable to modify your order, so if your order has not yet been processed, at best, we will may be able to cancel your order and issue a refund.


May I return or exchange outlet or stock-off items?

No. Outlet and stock-off items are NOT ELIGIBLE for exchanges or returns. Sal & Pimenta does not offer outlet or stock-off items in the European Union since the law imposes that online stores accept exchanges or returns on outlet or stock off items (and we do not).


I am interested in establishing a wholesale relationship with Sal & Pimenta, how can I apply?

Please contact our b2b team at [email protected] for more information on wholesale. For any other question you may have, please contact [email protected]

Thank you so much!